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Aloha mai kākou

My name is Alexa and I am the founder of Meleana Marketing LLC.

Alexa Bader

As a proud Native Hawaiian/Filipina, I’ve helped ignite the path for businesses and organizations to share their authentic stories in the most engaging and creative ways through social media management, website design, and graphic design.

Meleana Marketing is not just a marketing entity. We are passionate about empowering brands, enabling them to project their unique and authentic identities with boldness and authenticity.

Our mission is not just to promote, but to echo the true essence of your brand. We want the world to see your brand as you truly are—bold, genuine, and unparalleled.


Who is Meleana Marketing?

Digital marketing isn't just my job, it's what I've always done.

Fast forward to 2020

After graduating from college in 2019 with a degree in communications and marketing, I thought I would make it big in Boston. Turns out I was wrong. And to top off not finding any luck with work, a global pandemic happened. However, that's when the idea of  Meleana Marketing L.L.C. came to light. I wanted to help our native and local island communities in Hawaiʻi thrive by utilizing digital marketing. 

Why did I decide to name it Meleana Marketing?

Meleana is my Hawaiian name, and as a proud kanaka maoli, I wanted to ensure my brand and values connected with my Hawaiian culture that has shaped me into the person I am today.

It all started in 2013

From growing up in the generation of social media where MySpace, Tumblr and Facebook were king, I knew I had a gift in marketing when I helped my high school reggae band win a statewide music competition by starting a Facebook campaign.

And here we are today

Meleana Marketing has grown multiple social media accounts to 50k-100k followers and millions of views, designed tons of websites for small businesses and nonprofits nationwide, and created graphic designs for major institutions and organizations in Hawai'i and beyond.

Who are you?

Our ideal client is a small to medium-sized brand ready to break barriers and dive headfirst into new ways of connecting with their audience using our unique approach to digital marketing.

They clearly understand that the internet changes daily, trends come and go, the digital marketing world moves quickly, and so do we. Our ideal client understands that finding their potential audience means constantly testing the latest marketing trends. 

They 100% align with Meleana Marketing's mission and are ready to let us take the wheel and see the vision of their brand grow and flourish!


We work with the brands ready to stand out

What Clients are saying

I worked with Alexa on a few projects for our businesses and her work was above and beyond what we had expected! Her expertise in understanding digital marketing with an indigenous lens helped us to elevate our brand to our consumers and is a skill that is rare to find. I highly recommend her to any native business looking to advance their platform.

Kailee Freitas

Ho'omau Hawai'i Market / Mahina Made

Did we mention our strategies have helped client's gain major attention from

Meleana Marketing NBC
Meleana Marketing Washington Post
15 Hooks to grow your Instagram to 100,0000+ loyal followers

Want to improve your social media but can't afford your own Social Media Manager?

Image by Seth Cottle

Think you have what it takes to be bold and break the barriers with us? 

Image by Seth Cottle

Do you have what it takes to be bold and break barriers with us? 

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