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Growing Consistent Followers takes YEARS - NOT DAYS

Do you agree that growing a strong following takes years vs days?

  • 0%YES

  • 0%NO

🌺 Less than 1% of the entire Instagram population has over 1 million followers.

🌺 It took Bretman Rock (@bretmanrock) 1-3 years to get to his millions of followers

🌺 Brock Johnson (@brock11johnson) took years practicing and perfecting his video editing style and social media personality to get his thousands of consistent followers

For me personally, it took me 10 months to get my first “viral” post on Instagram of 150,000 views with only 3,000 followers!

Stop trying to grow fast! Instagram ain’t going anywhere. Focus on the quality of the content you create and I promise you‘ll see the results.


Wanna learn a few secrets to how I was able to grow multiple client accounts to thousands of consistent and loyal followers?

🌺 Years or consistency

🌺 Constant Testing

🌺 Deep research of the different niche areas

While all these social media marketing experts throw it out there and make it seem like it’s so simple in their 10-60 second video, I’m here to tell you social media is WAY MORE complex than that.

But if you wanna know more, stay tuned! I got something in the works 🤫


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