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Common Misconceptions of Social Media Marketing

I just wanted to say that social media can honestly only help you!

Yesterday I achieved a huge accomplishment I never thought was possible with little followers ☺️

A few weeks ago one of my clients only had 5,000 followers on IG, but one of the social media posts I created ended up getting 13,000+ likes and 21,000+ shares.

A few days ago it was discovered by the @washingtonpost and my clients got an interview with them and the article was published yesterday! (mind you I’m from Hawai’i and something like has never happened to me so this was kinda surreal).

Just today we got contacted by @ajplus for the same reason!

Basically… FOLLOWERS DON’T MATTER!!! As long as you post the right content and use the right hashtags, you CAN succeed and benefit from social media!!! 💛

So yeah! I hope this motivates you today if you’re feeling imposter syndrome like I do often.

Sending all my love and aloha to you today✊🏽


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