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Sometimes I want to quit...

When I took that first video it felt impossible to grow my main clients social media account. I thought I wouldn’t be successful and I could kiss my dreams goodbye.

Little did I know that a month later, I would have my first *viral* post that would change my life forever.

The process is slow. Success takes time! It took my business over 10 months to start growing and when it did, it was unbelievable.

Although I’m not close to my goal, what I have accomplished in the last year is far beyond what I could imagine. I am incredibly lucky to have worked with the people I have and who have helped shape and grow me to who I am today.

I hope to start sharing my journey with you all soon and bring you along the way to see Meleana Marketing grow!

Mahalo for your support and can’t wait to see what’s coming ✨ stay tuned ❤️


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