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Watching my client's social media account grow in 3 years

Building a community of 100,000+ people is NOT easy.

It takes so much time, testing, research and above all KEY MESSAGING to foster an amazing community of people who share the same vision and heart as your brand.

But how did I help get my clients here?

• Graphic Design 👩🏽‍💻 - Consider asking yourself: Are your graphics consistent? Are there key elements that make your brand, you? Are you using too much fonts?

• Social Media Strategy - Consider asking yourself: Am I coming across to my audience with a consistent message? Does my content relate to the core values of my brand? How consistent am I posting? Does my content provide something new or helpful? Am I coming across to the average person in a simple, and straight to the point way?

• Website Design 💻 - Consider asking yourself: Does my web page look professional when people want to learn more about my brand? Does my website design foster trust when they first click on it or does it look all over the place? Is it easy to navigate? Is it too wordy? Is the main idea emphasized? Is it mobile optimized?

And above all PASSION and MESSAGING - Consider asking yourself: how much do I care about my branding? What does it all mean to me? How can I get people to care about what I care about? Is my messaging meaningful or am I just trying to get a post out?

These are just some of the many ways I was able to help multiple clients grow the audiences through these tactics!

Follow along for more ❤️


For anyone interested in growing their community, bringing out your authentic voice, and are willing to try new ways of marketing to see results, feel free to DM or email me at!


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