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My marketing style is NOT NORMAL but it works

My marketing style is NOT NORMAL…

But that’s exactly how I believe I’ve gotten clients hundreds of dedicated followers from around the world and have created content that has stuck with people that is almost recognizable from anywhere.

If you want to work with me, I need you to know that:

🌺 I’ll work super hard and research your niche and test out content in several different ways

🌺 I don’t get clients viral overnight - I help people establish messaging that is authentic to their brand

🌺 You just need to trust my process - helping clients establish their presence on Instagram has been different for everyone!

My techniques takes time. For example:

🌺 One client took 10 months to get 20,000 shares on a post and discovered by national/international news

🌺 One client took 1 year to get thousands of views

🌺 One client took 2 years to get millions of views and likes on their Reel

Creativity takes time!

Just know that my tactics have proven to work and I’ll always make sure to help you succeed - No matter how ridiculous it may seem.


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