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Social Media Marketing is Not Easy

Social media marketing is not an easy job.

And honestly, creators who constantly put out content saying that it’s soooo easy to be a social media marketer/manager/creator are only making it that way so that the minute you attempt to try it out and you don’t see the same results, YOU QUIT.

And to me… THAT👏🏽AIN’T👏🏽RIGHT👏🏽

Social media “gurus” owe you the truth, and from my own experience, it’s taken me almost THREE years to figure out how social media marketing works.


The main piece of advice we need to start telling people is that the key to being successful on ANY social media platform is to:

• Be consistent

• Test your content

• Continuously work to improve your content and above all…


I know you want quick results, but that just isn’t realistic.

Work on these things and be patient, and I swear you’ll start seeing the results you want!

Happy Monday y’all! YOU GOT THIS💜


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